New Beginnings

Good evening from Rhode Island!

Redley, here! I wanted to write a little note to talk about changes that are going to be occurring on my blog, Writing with Red.

I have been busy with some big life changes these past few months and have been unable to get much writing done, never mind reworking my pieces or reviews to turn them into posts. I will talk more about these changes in the future, as I have been putting a few short stories together featuring my life. For now, though, I have three specific new types of posts I want to discuss.

October has always been a month-long horrorthon for me. I have decided to turn that passion into an article about which books I have read and would recommend for Halloween reading—Yes, some are quick and easy enough to finish in just one day! So this week, I will be posting about the best horror stories I have read this year; with more focus on the ones I just read during the month of October. It will be review-oriented, but encompass more than just a single work or author.

I hope to continue this type of content as a series for the holidays throughout the year, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Rhode Island Independence Day, and The Fourth of July. I’m open to adding more; these are just a starting list of holidays for which I can definitely shape coherent themes.

I have also been working on a comedic retelling of tips and tricks I have learned from my weight loss journey. It’s a collection of vignettes about food, diet, and exercise. I am still organizing all the content, sifting through a proper timeline, and editing the first few posts, so I don’t expect these to launch until the second week of November.

Yet another new type of post I want to get off the ground is a roundup of all the media I purchase and consume monthly. It will by and large consist of novels, manga, and nonfiction works, but will occasionally include a videogame, movie, or television show that I have grown particularly fond of. I will limit this category to what I have bought/read for that particular month, if not it would be no different that a regular review. It would be fun to talk about what I am reading and why, as well as the impact of different media and it’s consumption in the market: what drives each genre?

Well, that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join me as I transform my blog into something bigger and better.