Monthly Media Roundup: December 2015


It’s still there… The lights stopped working in that room, so I guess I’m grateful we haven’t had time to take it down… It’s like a pretty lamp..

Hi all!! I know it’s the middle of January and I’m just now getting to my Monthly Media Roundup from last month… But it’s been such a whirlwind of activity here in RI! As evening begins to fall, I switched on our living room lights… Only to realize that they’re dimmer than usual? I turned in a circle, questioningly, and then saw our tree. Our tree it still up! So—If you must know, that’s how busy I’ve been. Tree-up-Halfway-through-January-Busy. That really does need taken care of. But! Before I commit to any other things that need done, I decided that I must first look back on all the great things I read in December. …All five of them. There was shoujo love, 4-koma fun, shonen-ai tales, and one messed up sibling story! I feel positively about these books, and I need to tell the world before I end up having new ones to talk about. HERE WE GO!!

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MMR 11/15: Reading During Stolen Moments

group shot read

This month, I ended up reading all manga again… Heh. I was participating in NaNoWriMo and only had a few minutes at a time to sit down and read. Or eat. I didn’t do too much of the latter. When I get in the zone, I just keep going! I sat down for manga (or manhwa) breaks and ended up getting through all of Cynical Orange, though the rest of my reading was mostly me playing catch-up.

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Monthly Media Roundup: Rom-Coms and Angst to Repel the Horror of Halloween

The Group Shot

The Group Shot

Well, this is going to be a biased first Monthly Media Roundup… All of the novels I read during October were horror, and completely covered in my Halloween post, so I will only be discussing the manga and one American graphic novel. I will also briefly mention the games I’ve tried, as well as the two DVDs I seem to have acquired.

Because of my Halloween reading plan, which is created months in advance each year, I had no time to read any non-terrifying novels. So… If manga’s not your thing, I won’t be offended if you wait to join me ‘till the next one, but do take a peek if you have the time. It could be a media you just haven’t explored yet.

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Haunting Reads for Halloween

The roster, minus

The roster, minus “Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse”.

Halloween is my favorite time of the year! The month when spooky, scary, and sinister things are thought to come out and play; to stray from their worlds to ours for a short time. I celebrate in style every year: I make the month of October one giant horrorfest! I want to take these last few days before Halloween—the main event—to talk about the books I read, their merits, and what you should be reading on the most frightening day of the year! The reviewed books include: The Forest of Hands and Teeth; the Devil Survivor manga; the Judge series; Wait Till Helen Comes; Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse; The Knife of Never Letting Go; the short story collection Dark Water; Annihilation; Uzumaki; and different stories by Edgar Allan Poe.

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“Swans & Klons” – A Tale of Clone Emancipation

Recently, I finished reading Swans & Klons, a young adult dystopian novel by Nora Olsen. The story opens with Rubric—our heroine in a city brimming with only women—visiting her childhood caretaker. You can immediately tell that things are quite unlike our own world. Paper seems scarce; names may be nonexistent for lower classes. As the other woman enters the room and their conversation begins, we learn of Salmon Jo, Rubric’s girlfriend, and the fact that she may be an uncommon character for whom trouble lies ahead. This promising exchange had me all geared up to continue and find out more about this strange place.

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High Score for “Level Up”

I picked this skinny comic book out of a privately-owned bookstore near the coast. I was searching for something fun to read during one stay in bookstore-less Jamestown, but wound up not getting to it until recently.

The art was minimalist, with a charmingly simple style of its own. The text was easy-to-read, with most of it large enough so I did not have to squint. I enjoyed the full-color pages, and feel that it was worth the price of almost seventeen dollars—a little more than I usually shell our for a book, especially on a whim.

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