Interview with Roy Huff, Creator of “Everville”

I am very happy to present another special interview—This time with Roy Huff, the amazing author of the Everville novels. They are young adult, with a focus on sci-fi and fantasy. The newest installment, The Fall of Brackenbone, will be released next week, so now is a great time to discover the vast world that Huff has created, as well as get a glimpse into to his thoughts on writing, reading, and everyday life.

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Interview with Authorpreneur Mike Wells, the Master of Unputdownable Fiction

Welcome to a special interview with the self-published author Mike Wells, a multi-genre writer whose books are consistently rated four stars and above by readers, publishing what he calls “unputdownable” stories. Wells’s focus has been on pushing his content to a cheaper, more readily available media format, and as such he is an advocate for eBooks in today’s market. I previously reviewed several installments of Lust, Money & Murder on my blog and found them to be fast-paced thrillers packed with action and drama.

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