The New 12-Month Plan

Hello and welcome to an overdue update on the future of Writing with Red. Now that my blog has turned one, it’s time to develop a new plan and schedule! …And then try to stick to it. I’ve come this far; there’s loads more within reach!!

Last year, on January first, I opened the doors to Writing with Red. I wanted to challenge myself to write more stories and reviews—sharable work—but didn’t post too often. As the year progressed, I thought of more ideas and began to post more frequently. I expanded my repertoire with new categories and topics. I’ve discovered that I most enjoy writing about books and my family, and hope to deliver more opinions and insights to you in the coming twelve months. I’m only planning for the next year because I like to take things one step at a time…

Another area that could use more attention is reading and commenting on readers’ and fellow writers’ blogs. I usually do this when I post, now, but want to make it a more regular thing. I’m working up a weekly schedule right now, and want to set aside a few hours each week where I make the rounds.

Right now I’m planning for, cleaning up, and expanding my social media. I have already created an Instagram account, @thinktankred91 . (Spoiler alert: it’s the same as my Twitter.) Unfortunately, as one door opens, another must close. I plan on discontinuing my YouTube channel. I haven’t been able to devote as much time to it as I had hoped, and because I can’t keep it up, it’s just dragging me down. I posted strictly unboxings, and they weren’t reaching the amount of people I intended. I may try a different approach to YouTube in the future, but I’m keeping it out of my 12-Month Plan. If you are interested in knowing about subscription boxes, I post pictures to my Twitter and Instagram, anyway.

This year’s plan includes the continuation of my Monthly Media Roundup posts, short stories, and that I finally finish the piece I started on weight-loss. I have a bunch of scribbles in one of my notebooks about what’s helped—and what hasn’t—and this is info I would like to share. I also have been crafting a piece about going through top surgery pre-hormones. I was not able to find too much information online, and wonder if anyone else is facing a situation similar to my own. If so, I would like to create resources for those who could use them. As for articles, I have a few irons in the fire for anime topics, the elderly in the US, and mental health issues.

Have you made a plan yet? To me, it goes hand-in-hand with goal-setting and helps me find plausible deadlines.


Please share your thoughts, comments, and own plans for the coming year below! I’d love to learn more about you!

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