Thriller Novel “Mind Games” Tests its Characters’ Memories and Sanity

mind games coverMind Games by MJ LaBeff is one wild ride! I picked it up right before I left for a holiday trip, and was sad that it took so long to finish. I truly enjoyed reading this suspenseful mystery—Its numerous twists will keep you guessing, while enough hints are dropped that the reader is able to piece everything together along with our protagonists. It deserves at least a four-star rating!

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Monthly Media Roundup: December 2015


It’s still there… The lights stopped working in that room, so I guess I’m grateful we haven’t had time to take it down… It’s like a pretty lamp..

Hi all!! I know it’s the middle of January and I’m just now getting to my Monthly Media Roundup from last month… But it’s been such a whirlwind of activity here in RI! As evening begins to fall, I switched on our living room lights… Only to realize that they’re dimmer than usual? I turned in a circle, questioningly, and then saw our tree. Our tree it still up! So—If you must know, that’s how busy I’ve been. Tree-up-Halfway-through-January-Busy. That really does need taken care of. But! Before I commit to any other things that need done, I decided that I must first look back on all the great things I read in December. …All five of them. There was shoujo love, 4-koma fun, shonen-ai tales, and one messed up sibling story! I feel positively about these books, and I need to tell the world before I end up having new ones to talk about. HERE WE GO!!

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