“Swans & Klons” – A Tale of Clone Emancipation

Recently, I finished reading Swans & Klons, a young adult dystopian novel by Nora Olsen. The story opens with Rubric—our heroine in a city brimming with only women—visiting her childhood caretaker. You can immediately tell that things are quite unlike our own world. Paper seems scarce; names may be nonexistent for lower classes. As the other woman enters the room and their conversation begins, we learn of Salmon Jo, Rubric’s girlfriend, and the fact that she may be an uncommon character for whom trouble lies ahead. This promising exchange had me all geared up to continue and find out more about this strange place.

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Sweet on Idols: “Chocolat” Series Retrospective

Everyone should start reading manhwa with “Chocolat”! I was pulled in by a sample I leafed through a number of years ago in a free magazine. I could never find it in stores, but recently saw the volumes on sale during clearance on Right Stuf. I bought it and devoured the average-sized tome the day it came in the mail! Continue reading