“With the Light”: The Struggles and Triumphs of Raising an Autistic Child

My foray into reading josei manga, or manga aimed at adult women, begins with the drama “With the Light”, by Keiko Tobe. It is a series of thick tomes that follow Sachiko Azuma as she rears her autistic son, Hikaru. They face many challenges, and the first volume alone is quite a ride through the rocky road of pre-diagnosis catastrophes, misdiagnoses, and Sachiko’s struggle to find a place Hikaru belongs within her community.

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Modernizing the Term “Broken Family” and Moving Forward

I recently read this article featured on Medium. It raised complicated and distressing emotions within myself. This may be a strange response to a piece where the author has tried to paint people like myself in a positive light, but I believe these are valid feelings and I wanted to explore them. Here are my thoughts on broken families and their survivors.

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